Welcome to Your Retreat Container?

This is a journey of bringing feminine and masculine in balance to creating sacred spaces. Consider yourself an artist in this retreat space? You are being called to pick up your tools of choice and curate an experience of healing and transformation for your beautifully aligned clients. This is an opportunity to bring your retreat from your head to heart, from creation to manifestation.

So let's begin creating our retreat vision!

What Type Of Retreat Is This?

Goal Setting Opportunity Here:

-Why are you feeling called into creating this container?

-What is the "problem" you are wanting to address?

-Who is experiencing this "problem"?

-What do you want to offer to address this problem?

-What is the intended outcome?

What Can We Do As Space Holders?

-Give people permission to trust their own intuition and wisdom

-Give people only as much information as they can handle

-Don't take their power away

-Keep your own ego out of it

My Energy Investment is In Your Retreat Experience...

Retreats are always such a special experience for the participants and the facilitator. However, they can also be a lot of work and quite expensive. Whether you are thinking of launching your first retreat and feel intimidated by all the components of an event of this scale or you've facilitated retreats but have not experienced sufficient financial compensation after all the hidden costs appear, this mentorship is here to support you and nourish your business.

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